We will answer your questions.

Q. How to make a reservation

From the inquiry form below

Name, email address, gender, message body (desired date and time, needs, questions, etc.)

Please enter and send.

Q. Cancellation

It will be canceled by the day before the reservation (22:00).

After that, if you cancel on the day, you will be charged a cancellation fee for one session.

Please contact us at least 2 hours in advance to change the time on the day of your reservation.

  • If there is room in the reservation frame, we will change it.

However, if there is no space (including the change request immediately before), it will be canceled on the day.

Thank you for your understanding.

  • Please be assured that no cancellation fee will be charged for guests with fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, or symptoms of cough or cold.

If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Q. Payment method

Payment method is bank transfer or electronic payment (PayPay) until the day before the reservation.

If you would like to pay in cash, please contact us when you contact us.

Please note that we do not currently accept credit cards.

We will inform you of the transfer destination information at the time of booking.

Q. About the location

Business trip personal training place
・ Possible at home or at the gym attached to your home

・ It is also possible to carry out in a park etc. during the warm season

・ Gym around the desired area (rental space gym)

・ Rental space fee may be charged separately.

Please feel free to contact us in the center of Minato-ku, Tokyo (within the 23 wards) and other areas.

Online personal training location
・ It is possible anywhere in your home, office, or if you have a space of about 2 tatami mats.

Q. What you need

・ Clothes that are easy to move (If you wear clothes that make your body line easy to understand, you can approach your body more properly)

・ Drinking water

・ Towel

・ Please prepare a yoga mat or bath towel only for online sessions.