Price information

Business trip personal trainingfee (business trip fee, tax included)
Experience 30 minutes (with initial counseling)\5,000
60 minutes (1 session)\15,000
60 minutes (1 session) x 4 times ※\55,000
60 minutes (1 session) x 8 times / month (2 days a week)\100,000
60 minutes (1 session) x 16 times / 2 months (2 days a week)\184,000
60 minutes (1 session) x 24 times / 3 months (2 days a week)\264,000

※ 4 trial tickets (can only be used once per person)

Online personal trainingfee (tax included)
Experience 30 minutes (with initial counseling)\3,000
30 minutes (1 session)\5,000
60 minutes (1 session)\9,000
30 minutes (1 session) x 4 times\18,000
30 minutes (1 session) x 8 times / month (2 days a week)\34,000


◦Business trip, online personal training trial lesson flow

1, counseling

2, trial training

3, Proposal of future programs

If you would like to experience it, please let us know the desired date and time using the form below.


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✓ I don’t know what to start training

✓ Busy with work and housework

✓ I want to move at my own pace at home

✓ I want to train with the correct diet

✓ I want to feel the effect efficiently

✓ I want to train without worrying about my surroundings

✓ I want to challenge because I can do it even if I am not good at exercising

We will answer any needs.

Even beginners can use it without difficulty.